Anyone Going to Ryan Lee's Continuity Summit #2?

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I just recently signed up to attend Ryan's 2nd Continuity Summit the first weekend of March. I truly enjoy Ryan Lee's approach to membership sites and internet marketing in general. Of all the guru's out there, he is still my favorite.

He is giving away free tickets. And with it you get access to the videos from his last Summit. I watched them and I can honestly say that I learned a ton! I have taken pages and pages of notes. I have discovered new people that are up and coming in the IM world along with tips from the experts.

Check it out, and enjoy. I spoke to Ryan the other day, and think of him as a friend. Check him out, I think you will enjoy this! This is not an affiliate link, this is him direct:

Let me know if you are going!

James Radina
Brian Tracy International
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    I will be attending the Summit. Looking forward to finally attending something in the Northeast.
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    Thanks guys - looking forward to seeing you there.

    We already have over 1,100 attendees. Looks like it's going to be the biggest internet marketing event in the US in 2010.

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      How do I get tickets to this event? I went to your website but I was unable to find any information about getting tickets.
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        Arnel - thanks for your support!

        cporter88 - Right now the event is not available to the public. Send me an IM and I'll give you a link to get the tickets.

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    Hey Ryan, Sent you a PM about tickets. Looks like a great event!
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      well i dunno much but i will find out:p
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        Jacer - I replied with the registration link.

        See you in March!
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          Hey Ryan, I did not get the reg link...could you resend? Thanks
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    I'm going to be there -- I'm really looking forward to it. Anyone else?

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    Hey Brandon,

    I'm having trouble sending PMs.

    Email my assistant, Just tell her I said it's ok for you to register. I'll also give her a heads up.

    See you in 2 weeks!

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    I'll be there
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      If you come, make sure to introduce yourself to me as a "warrior forum' member.

      See you next week!

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    Hey Guys I am totally Jacked about the event. Matt Bacak sent an invite last year but I had something come up. Won't miss this go round. Ryan is a sharp dude so I know the line up will be Stellar.

    I'm staying on site. Hit me up if you see me there.

    Cheers To Your Success,
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