Victoria BC and Vancouver Island, Canada Mastermind group and future local events!

by xInd
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I see there was an attempt made to get this going in the past. I'm here to revive the idea and create a solid Mastermind group here in the capital of BC.

We'll start with online meetings for now and over the summer we'll hold some events and offline meets. We'll network, have a drink and socialize, keep up to date on new things and share ideas. Work together to bring this city to the top of the economy this year with me!

Please contact me, add me to your contacts and or post here so we can get everyone coordinated. If you know anyone else who might be interested, spread the word, even if they aren't a WF member yet, new members are always good too!

I live in Sidney, please let me know whereabouts you live so that we can try to arrange the best meeting places in future.
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    Im into this 100%. Im living in Duncan right now and working full time in Victoria.

    I am an IM'er on the side, and used to do it full time, and am working full for an affiliate network based in Victoria.

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    Excellent. Glad to meet you. Hope to talk to you soon.
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      Old thread revival. Anyone in Victoria still interested in some kind of meetup?
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    Bump! I am in Victoria as well (downtown), would be down to meet up with some local warriors.


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      Is anyone still doing this?

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    Down for this as well. I live in victoria as well.
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    I am in Victoria. Please let me know if there is any local meetup.
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    Hi all I'm from Victoria. I'm down for bringing the band back together. I have added all from this thread to me contacts. Many hands make light work folks.

    Let's set up a meet. Boston Pizza in GH.It has a quiet lounge we can all meet and greet there sometime this week. Go team.

    Lets do Wednesday night at 8pm boston pizza lounge.

    Who's in?
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    @XLND we cold also discuss further at the meet if you come as well
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    I also down for it!

    Have a nice day!
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    Hey guys/gals,
    Sorry but something impromptu just came up. I don't think I can make it today. If the meeting doesn't end up holding, we can arrange to meet sometime next week again. Once again, sorry for the late notice.
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    Hi All

    Sorry I had to bail yesterday. We had a bit of an emergency at home.

    How did the meetup go? If it didn't happen lets try to arrange another one this week. Again I'm sorry but we have 2 little ones and I had to be a dad yesterday.

    Please pm me your skypes so we can exchange contact info.
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  • Profile picture of the author juggernaught
    Is anyone still interested in setting up a meetup?
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    Siitting at bp in gh going through my cpvlabs stats. Got over 80 campaigns so I figured I have a pint and do some campaign reviewing. Anyone up for a beer?
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    Sorry to see there was no responses. Let me put this out there...if there are an warriors out there from Victoria that are serious about putting together a mastermind group Im in. If you're a SERIOUS player in the IM game (like me) PM me and I will be happy to put in 110%.

    I have alot of knowledge and experience just need the extra hands to reach the ultimate goal. Many hands make light work...and in this game many minds make work easier...ten fold.

    Im in it to win it and I bring allot to the table.
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    I'm from Courtenay. Did anyone meet? Perhaps an online Google Hangout would work?
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