Anyone Warriors going to Comic Con this summer? Make money!

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Forget AdTech, Affiliate Summit, AffiliCon, or expensive $10K seminars -- those cost too much money.

Do you know of a convention where you can have more fun and make more money -- and perhaps network with media industry, movie TV celebrities, actors/actresses, etc?

It's Comic Con!

Many Internet marketers can make money by attending Comic Con for like $30 a day and have more fun!

Think about it -- a lot of exclusive movie preview, TV shows panels, rare posters, gamers hangout, and free giveaways is an Internet Marketer's treasure island.

How about some ideas?

1) You can grab a whole bunch of upcoming movie posters/bags/etc and sell them on ebay for massive profits.

2) You can get ideas on the latest and upcoming movies and TV -- and use CPALead to make money off those upcoming TV shows -- be the first to do so!

2b) Upload some movie panel interview to Youtube and you'll tons of views within a week! You can then add CPA offer link on your video description.

3) Find gaming products on Clickbank -- and create 500 flyers/posters and distribute them. Offline advertising of Clickbank products (World of Warcraft, Farmville, etc) in the gaming niche!

4) At the gaming section at Comic Con, sometimes they give away exclusive promo code/cheat code -- use CPALead if others want access to it.

5) Get autographs of celebrities and sell them off ebay.

6) Buy rare collections of action figures and sell them off ebay.

7) Promote other products to geeks (dating eBooks, games, iPad offers, etc)

And tons more...

Who wants a Warrior meetup at Comic Con to learn how to make the most of it?
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