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I can see that there are some south of the river groups here in Perth but are there any northern suburb warriors that get together or any one wanting to start a group that meets in the northern suburbs?
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    Hey Julian

    I'm up near Leederville and would be interested if we could get a few bods together
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    Oh somebody puttin Perth on the map!

    I'm from Perth originally but in Brissie at the moment. I only discovered IM when i moved to the east coast, seems as though IM is a pretty new thing in Perth.
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  • Hey Filter

    Back form my holiday now, could not PM you (not enough posts) still interested in meeting up?
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      Hi, my name is Julie and I've just joined this group. I live in Perth WA and I'm interested in becoming a member of a Mastermind Group. Is anyone else interested?
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        Hey Julie, I am keen to hook up. I am north of the river as well...
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a Perth guy and can organise and host a get together. Send me a PM and we'll work something out.
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    im in south perth but keen
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