Any Warriors in Vancouver BC?

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Greetings fellow warriors,

I was wondering if there was any warriors located in Vancouver BC who would be interested in doing a mastermind group and do local events.


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    Hey Parfait,

    I live downtown close to English Bay and I would be interested in masterminding.

    I've added you to my skype contacts so get back at me when you have time.

    Make it a great day,

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    I'm in Port Moody.. and would be very interested as well.
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    I'm in downtown Vancouver. I'd be interested in talking further on this...

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    I don't live in Vancouver, but I'm often there for work. It's an awesome city. I might want to move there someday
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    I'm right across the border here in Washington... I'm interested. I appreciate your leadership and ambition to form a local collective of online entrepreneurs. Feel free to hit me on skype.

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    Living in Downtown Vancouver here! Cheers
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    So what are you guys thinking? I think it would be cool to get a bunch of warriors together for a "mixer" and a seminar for some of the newer guys..
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    Also in Vancouver!
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    hey guys, any formalized vancouver warrior meetup being scheduled yet??
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    Looks like everyone is waiting for this to happen.
    Let's do something simple at a coffee shop and see where it goes.
    Any eve or weekend works for me right now. As soon as I finish this contract, my days will be more flexible.

    Meet and Greet:
    Bojangles Cafe
    1097 Marinaside Cres
    Vancouver, BC V6Z
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