Manchester and North West UK Meeting This Friday

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Welcome all North West Warriors. The Next Lunchtime meeting on Friday the 20th May at 12.30 at Dukes 92, Castlefield, Manchester. Meeting at 12.30 at the bar and sitting down for lunch at 1.30pm approx for those that want to. This is the 6th meeting and promises to be as good as the previous ones. Numbers vary from 8 to 16 and all levels of ability and interest.

There's nothing like mixing with people who are walking the walk to move your business forward and motivate you. All in All a great way to end the week with like minded individuals and get any questions you want answered.

PM me or email me if you are coming so I have an idea of numbers


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    Hello Paul,

    Could you please send me the dates for the Manchester meetings?

    I am unable to PM you, as I am a new member of this forum.

    Many Thanks,

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    Hello guys,

    I'm Will from Northwich but i am from Manchester and work in Gatley Stockport. I have been online part time for just over a year and half and looking to meet with like minded Internet Marketers. I am currently studying a master programming course with NITLC and want to network with some guys for future business and joint ventures, strategies etc.

    If you are interested please get me on skype- Results Driven Marketing Ltd

    or email

    iwawpublishing (@) g

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      I am in Manchester but I am a new member so I can not PM you but would be interested in a meet.
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    I live in South Manchester and would be interested in meeting up, i am very new to affiliate marketing, but i am hoping to learn and move forward in 2011.

    Please let me know if you are interested via PM. Sorry i cant PM you just yet, i think i need more posts first.

    Many Thanks
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      I'm looking to meet up with like minded people too, I live in Altrincham...

      Please email me at stephen.thomasson @
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        Update the meeting will be in Dukes bar meeting at about 12.30 on Friday 21st Jan 2011 (following month meeting Friday 18th Feb). I will keep you updated. My mobile is 07903112079 in case you get lost.

        You can also track the meetings via but it not necessary to join if you do not want as I will keep you advised anyway.

        The following months meeting Friday 18th Feb probably the same location but I will update.

        Sorry some of you have not been able to PM me, you can email me on paul @


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    Let me know I am interested.....
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      Hi, a reminder about tomorrows (21st Jan 2011) lunch time meeting, 12,30 in Dukes 92.
      There are about 15 or so people confirmed most via the meetup site plus a couple through The Challenge and Edge Forums as well as here.
      This is the 1st time we have tried this format in Manchester so not too sure what to expect other than an enjoyable lunch with like minded positive people who are serious and determined to make a job replacement income at IM or increase it further. I can see from the profiles that there is a wide mix of experience in the people attending from beginners to already successful Internet Marketeers. So all welcome and encouraged to attend.
      We are meeting in Dukes 92 in the general restaurant area. We will have a ‘Meetup’ sign on the table and will have stick on name tabs, I will have a shirt and black jumper on, so we should be easy to spot.
      No addenda just general chatting and networking. Everyone is responsible for whatever food and drink they order. If you are not wanting to eat but just Coffee I am sure that there will enough of us eating that it will not be a problem with Dukes.
      Looking forward to it. If you find yourself available tomorrow, them please just pop along.


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        The first meeting on 21st Jan 2011 went very well. 16 attended with a mixture from here and Meetup, everybody got on well and it was both enjoyable and informative with networking coming naturally. I will alter the format slightly for the next meeting as it was difficult to network with everyone whilst seated, so we will meet at the bar at 12.30pm and book the table for 2.00pm at the next meeting on the 18th Feb. The 50% off food was a great bonus, my pizza was £3.75!

        Dukes 92 is a great location with easy (and free Car Parking), easy to get to from the city and easy access from the Motorway for those of us driving.

        Any question pm me or email paul at
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    I'm not sure of the date if I can make it, but Manchester isn't toooo far from me and it would be great to meet other Warriors.

    I think the travel would be worth it.

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      Originally Posted by Hackbridge View Post

      I'm not sure of the date if I can make it, but Manchester isn't toooo far from me and it would be great to meet other Warriors.

      I think the travel would be worth it.

      It sure will be Brian! Hope you can make it
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        A update/reminder of the meeting next Friday the 18th February at 12:30 PM at Dukes 92 - 18 Castle St Manchester, M3 4LZ. This time we will be meeting at the bar and the table is booked for 2 PM. This is to allow for easier networking prior to setting down. As previous the food is discounted by 50% so as well as some great networking opportunities there is a bargain meal.
        Last month there was about 14 of us, with a mixture of people from the 'Meet-up' group as well as from the Warrior Forum and guests. General feedback on we received at the time was that everybody got something out of it but perhaps more importantly had an enjoyable afternoon as well some all-important enthusiasm!
        If you are in Internet Marketing and in Manchester then it will be well worth your time to join us.
        If you have any comments or suggestions please drop me an e-mail.
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    I've got the day off work (half term) and my father-in-law lives just around the corners, so put me down as a "definately maybe"
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      Your down as a definite maybe! The last one was good, in part just the chinwag and wind down at the end of the week (term in your case) was worth the effort and half price lunch, who can go wrong!

      Hope you make it.

      We are up to 10 at the moment, there was 14 (I think) at the last meeting, so anyone around please feel free to pop in. I will be at the bar from 12.30 and we should be obvious, we will have sticky name tabs on, or pm me (or leave a message here if you are unable to PM) if you want my mobile.

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    Quick reminder of the next meeting will be held at the bar (Dukes 92) at 12.30pm with the table booked for 2.00pm. 11 came to the last one and lots help being dished out and some business done. All levels of experience present. 11 booked already (via the meetup site) for this one with others coming from here.

    Any question please PM or email me at

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    Next meeting is on Friday 20th May 2011 again at Dukes 92, Castlefield, Manchester. Meeting at the Bar from 12.30pm sitting down to eat at about 1.30. Great bunch of people, good crack and food, see you there!

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    Anyone coming from here, please pm or email me.

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    Hi Paul

    Are you still running these meetings?

    Best Regards

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