UK - any warriors ~Leeds area/up north?

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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if there are any warriors up north in the UK who would be interested in a meet up? Was tempted to go to the one in London, but couldn't make it.

Was thinking a casual pub meetup with some beers would be good
#area or up #leeds #north #warriors
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    i live up near carlisle but i a very very newbie i need help with loads of things like list building how to make and do it how make a website how to make money how to buy a product and then sell it if resell is aloud i need training but watching videos and reading e-books arent helping me so much.

    so just wondering if you new anyone that can help or if you could if you dont mind


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    im up north as well, would be interested meeting up a a few people.
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    I'm in Wetherby near Leeds!
    Wouldn't mind getting together sometimes for some brainstorming / idea exchanges ...
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    I am based in Newcastle and would welcome a meeting such as this. As a newbie, I'm very interested in meeting people from the north who employ WSO tactics/strategies; or even those who are just starting out like myself.
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