Charlotte, NC Warriors Mastermind Group

by damjan
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I'm looking for some friendly people who are willing to help out and exchange ideas. I'm fairly new and would like someone who has experience and success to keep me motivated and mentor me.
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    damjan, I am in the Charlotte area and always looking for like-minded people to network with. Please get in touch and maybe meet up for coffee??? I am new to internet marketing also but I am ready to jump in the game. The best advice that I read on this site is not to research too much and just start doing!


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      I am looking to start a Mastermind Group in the Charlotte and Lake Norman Area.

      If looking to offer you useful insights and get feedback from other highly motivated people check it out.

      This would be a non networking group. This is not a place to make connections to drum up new business.

      Charlotte Mastermind Group
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    There's gotta be more NC folks here than this!
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      There should be a lot more of us in this area.
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    I'm about an hour south of you in Spartanburg, South Carolina and I might be interested. I can't seem to find any marketers around here either to partner with on projects.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    Is there any here looking to teach me the Amazon FBA ropes? I am a newbie.... Looking to learn so I can minimize my learning curve.
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      Some of the more recent posters need to try to get together. I am not doing Amazon but but know enough to talk about it.
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    Anything going on in the Raleigh area? Charlotte's a nice place but a long drive.
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    Wow I totally forgot about this thread. I'm still down to get together.
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    Keep me in the loop about any Charlotte meetings. Thanks!
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    Wow such an old post but still no definitive meet up. We need to organize something.
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    Do you have to meet in person? I don't think so. I facilitate Mastermind Groups and have since 2009 - online. I use Zoom for the meeting room because it is more stable for all who attend. Skype and Google+ Hangouts will often drop someone or there are audio/video issues. I haven't found that with Zoom - or, if there is an issue it truly is the internet connection of the attendee.

    If you're interested in meeting online and having me, a trained facilitator and marketing professional, to facilitate and organize the meetings, learn more about me and get in touch: GROW With A Mastermind Group - Home

    Otherwise, I recommend that one person be the organizer/leader of the meeting and that they set the rules of engagement and enforce the rules - makes for a terrific environment for everyone to learn and grow their businesses.
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