Anyone here in Michigan? Preferably North Michi

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If not - or if so - I'd like to chat.

I have a few websites that are very discrete/small niche websites however I have proposed a business plan to an investor, got $4000 as an investment/test and so far we have grossed 30k in 1 month.

BEFORE YOU REPLY OR TALK WITH ME - Please note that this is a very grey line/grey area YET LEGAL niche/niches yet If you dont care and are looking for green, I'd like to collab.

What I would need and NOT WANT TO PAY FOR, yet WORK WITH AND JOINT VENTURE would be the following - or all.

-Graphic artist - also can do generic animated graphics
-Web designer - with advanced knowledge/techniques that make you "one of a kind" or better than average
-Flash designer
-Anonymity specialist (Not just a vpn or socks5, I need a tor network style website without the tor network - thats made anonymously, yet recoverable in the worst case situation)
-Forum designer/specialist
-Website security Penetration tester (Not an acunetix or downloadable pen tester program - I need some "offensive security)
-Background checking - (no website sign up BS, I need you to find people who dont want to be found)
-Ever hear of the concept of "forum gold" - - I need that copied, implemented into a whole new niche

PM me if interested...

Created $30,000 so far off a $4000 investment, and 16 hours a day in 1 month. Who's down to get dirty, yet stay clean.
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