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Forming a mastermind group for Coaches/Consultants/Speakers/Experts. Going to keep it simple and clear and first see if their is enough interest to put everything together, but will organize and prepare this group if their is.

Weekly strategy, tips, questions, and experience sharing that we could all grow and learn from.

Also including some accountability aspects and some flexible feedback sessions if someone of us needs the focus for that week.

My point is a smaller group of very dedicated professionals who would value a closer knit relationship style group like this.

I know how valuable of a thing this can be for the right people, so if you are one of them, let me know. We will do this right.

Best Regards,
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    Hi, I just wanted to toss my hat into the ring just in case this group. I'm working my way through the NSA academy and i expect to be a member of the National Speakers Academy by this time next year. I would love to interact with other speakers.
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    Is this going to be a Skype group? how do you intend to communicate?
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      hey there,

      I really like working with coaches. But I seem to enjoy working with male coaches a little more than women, as they are more laid back in their management skills! :rolleyes:

      I am an OptimizePress specialist.

      I can build a sales funnel from scratch to finish in an hour. Maybe less if I actually tried timing it. This includes launch pages and cookie setup, as well as autoresponder.

      I can create a beautiful landing page for local businesses with graphics. I inject sales copy specifically for businesses.

      I also went from having no water to making an average of 25 an hour in 6 months. That was basically 0 clients - 23 clients in 6 months.

      I want to get less away from the hourly, and more towards affiliation, however, I also understand that everybody has a talent, and mine just happens to be online publication design, landing and squeeze pages, sales copy (ghost) writing, and OptimizePress.

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        Would like to learn more about your program as how it can help mi in doing my projects.
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    Guys, if we can talk via Skype then count me in!

    As for my experience:

    1) 4 years in the making
    2) got a site from 6k visitors a month to 73k visitors a month in 6 months (because I know how Wikipedia does its SEO) => the only tools I used were the standard Google tools btw
    3) I'm also a copywriter: I've written hundreds and hundreds of blog posts with sales copy, just as many emails if not more, a dozen or so sales letters, and multiple ebooks
    4) I know a LOT about WordPress... can set it up in 2 hours, know all the good plugins for split testing including one that does multi-variate split testing which Google Website Optimizer cannot do on WP
    5) AdWords: managed multiple campaign with 100k+ keywords each
    6) Affiliate marketing: have been on Clixgalore, Clickbank, etc.

    If one of you would like to talk on Skype with me, then please PM me!

    Totally agree with the tight knit group perspective btw.

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    Hey Molly, i sent you a pm.
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    When would you want to run it? What time zone are you in? How long would it take and what format? The focus is interesting, but I think narrowing it down to "what kind of experts" would be helpful. Thanks.
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    hi add me in.
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    Count me in
    username is lightshines
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