Los Angeles / Long Beach CA Mastermind

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Before We Begin:

1. Bring something AWESOME to the table (contacts/connection/JV opp, etc)

2. Be a cool guy... Someone I can hang out with and drink a beer/coffee with...

3. Be intelligent....

Ok, now that we got that out the way.......

I am looking to create a mastermind group in the LA area where we can meet and just think of different opportunities. I am looking for a biz partner, someone intelligent that actually has some money and ideas of making more.

What I bring to the table:

30 year old entrepreneur with a decade of experience in loads of industries.

Currently I have a VA company based in LA with offices overseas of 300+ excellent VA's. We do everything in the IM world plus help out small biz owners and work from home folk.

JV Ideas:

I am looking for a few joint-venture ideas that MAKE SENSE! No MLM stuff please!!

I've got an impeccable Ebay account with 100% feedback - over 12 years on Ebay. We can sell something, ANYTHING that makes sense.

Sound interesting?

PM me!

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    Sounds good.
    I have been ebaying for a bit too.
    Nothing much lately though.

    Get hemp get paid http://primohemp.org

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    Do u have anything else going?
    Virtual Assistants & Quality Offshore Telemarketing Services.

    Be more productive in less time. PM me.
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      I'm in my 30s and bringing in ESP from out of country.
      I also have 12 retail spaces in southern California and opening up office in Irvine CA in a month.
      I'm open to ideas and this is my first time in any types of forum discussion. I do feel that it is necessary for me to get connected with people for my ESP venture so let me know if I'm qualified to join your group.

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    Booyah Gentlemen, LETS DO THIS! I will PM the OP!

    Tevis Verrett, Boss of Triumvirate Capital Group
    Always Looking for New Affiliate & JV Partners:
    Ever wanted to make money selling money? We teach Financial Literacy. . . for the rest of us!

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    Hey Guys I wanna invite you to a 2 day training event in Woodland Hills (SFV).
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    It is with Millionaire Mentor/Trainer Joel Bauer.

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    PM me if you guys are at all interested in a Skype group for LA online marketers.
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    Did you all get this started? Any women?
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