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Hi there,

This is an invitation for all people of Nigerian origin, no matter where you may be located, to join a Nigerian Experts Academy Skype Mastermind Group dedicated to meeting the personal and business development needs of people from Nigeria.

Some of the goals include the following:
  • To provide a safe, friendly and more importantly, a non-judgmental community where people from all parts of Nigeria (or with Nigerian ancestry), both in the country and abroad can get together to learn and share ideas on how to overcome problems associated with starting a real business based on your expertise and goals
  • To provide an environment where people can learn and share the skills, mindest and actions needed to succeed with an online business
  • To provide an environment where people you can learn, share and develop the skills, mindset and actions needed to succeed in serving brick and mortar business offline (Offline Marketing and Business Development Consulting)
  • To provide an avenue for people to share their talents and gifts with others in mutually rewarding ways
  • To help people develop leadership skills that can be used in all areas of life and business
  • To help people stare down their fears and work towards removing the need for resorting to fraudulent ways to make money (I know...)
  • Become part of a group dedicated to eradicating the stigma and stereotypes associated with the mere fact that you are from Nigeria
  • ...and lots more problem-solving issues that hold people back from playing big in a world full of opportunities
I absolutely hate it when Nigerian is slammed for being the way it is, and even though every country in the world has it's own issues, it's going to take people to make change happen and to create opportunities for those with good intentions.

I believe that "Impossible is only an opinion and not a fact" so join us and together, we can succeed, grow and prosper together. Let's take baby steps and start with the Nigerian Experts Academy Skype Mastermind Group.

Will This Be a Small or Large Group?

The goal is to reach and help as many people as possible, so currently, the size of the group is not being limited. However, to keep group energy level and focus high, membership will close once a the group reaches a decent and manageable size.

So if you're interested, follow the instructions below. Admission is strictly on a first come first served basis.

What Do I Need To Do Now and What Happens Next?
  1. Register your interest below now
  2. Within 24-48 hours you'll receive a private link to the online application
  3. Complete the short form and send it across (all electronic)
  4. We'll review and be in touch
"I'm Nigerian - Why An Application Process?"

It's to make sure that everyone who becomes a part of this group is able. ready and willing to put in and gets the best possible outcomes. It's also to allow people who are not a good fit to eliminate themselves right from the start.

Can I Add You On Skype?

I welcome connections and networking, however, adding me on Skype is not the way to become a part of the Nigerian Experts Academy Skype Mastermind Group. You'll only be considered for membership if you follow the steps mentioned above.

Interested? I invite you to go ahead let me know below.

Strictly no PMs because this starts with you being proud of who you, where you're from, your intentions and and having nothing to hide.
It's your time to shine, and I want to help you make it happen.

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