Kid Marketers Anyone?

by emmanuelm Banned
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I'm looking for some kid marketers to do a product launch with or just to establish a friendship with, parents if you're kids are interested please PM me (on my forum, because I don't check this one too often, link is in sig.)for details I am a twelve year old internet marketer not some pedo I will never meet you're kids in person or do something with them behind you're back. So please contact me (again, using my forum) and I hope to hear from you!
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    Hi Emmanuel,

    I'm not a kid, but I just wanted to say I love what you're doing here. You have a true entrepreneurial spirit. I watched some of your videos. It reminds me of me growing up with all kinds of ideas.

    Keep helping others online, and you will be successful.
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    I'm not a kid either but I hope my grandkids will be internet marketers when they are your age!
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    Well im close lol im only 20! and just starting studying about 3 hours everyday trying to figure out the exact path I want to choose
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    I'm 19, and I'm in! I think at our young age, it's important to have good contacts to learn from one another. There's so much more that we're not exposed to yet.
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  • Omg he got banned!! Feel pity for him
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