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I'm starting up a skype group purely to help out noobs, and people new to CPA.

So if you are completely new to CPA, and need to know the basics, and want to learn add me on skype. My user is brandon.bear

Make sure to include this WF post title when you add me on skype, so that I can add you to the right group.

Mainly I am looking for devoted and passionate workers who just don't have enough knowledge on the subject yet. I am going to give you tips and tricks, and hopefully in the future this group of nooby CPA marketers will grow into a true mastermind group.

#cpa #learn #noobs #pro
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    Added.. looking forward to it.. Cheers
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    Groups officially started. Right now there are only a few of us, but as we grow I am going to put together a guide to CPA exclusive to this group. So join up if you are brand new to CPA!
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      please add me robert.l.shindoll
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      Originally Posted by tuankhanhsaigon View Post

      let me joining
      Send me a request on skype: brandon.bear

      And I'll get you added
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    Just sent you a request on skype. I look forward to talking to you and everyone on the group!
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    Thank you so much for making this group, I have sent you a request on Skype.
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    I would love to join!
    Uh - which Brandon Bear are you? There are a couple dozen or so on Skype.

    Sorry - got it!
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    Yeah, I need to figure out a way to make my name stick out more haha.
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      Hey Brandon

      Thanks very much for this offer..
      Wondering whether I can sneak in.. as the Title say's group full (closed).

      Appreciate your response.Thanks


      No affiliate links in sig.

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