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I have seen a few posts over time about our area.
If you guys want to get together, post here.

Say whether mornings or evenings work better.

As well as, what area you are in....
Copywriting, Affiliate, Adsense, Offline, etc.

I am into Offline. I prefer during the day.
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    Bring this back up front.
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
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    Hey vndnbrgj, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple years, although I haven't posted much. But I signed in today specifically to see if there are any local Grand Rapids groups. I'm definitely interested. I do direct response / Internet marketing full time. I can meet during the day also.

    Have you had much luck with meeting others from our area that are in the business?

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      I'm also from the Grand Rapids area and would like to meet up sometime also weekends and evenings are usually best for me...although I'm just starting out in my offline business would like to meet people who who have been successful in offline marketing as well as online marketing.
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    A group of Grand Rapidians got together one time a year or so ago, but it never went anywhere.

    I think the concept requires someone willing to organize it.

    If you want to try again, I would be happy to reach out to the past participants again to gauge interest.
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    Im from Flint Michigan

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      Hey mates,

      Looking to meetup in Grand Rapids. I'm usually in Eastown Saturdays and Sundays.

      I am super keen on developing business/learning relationships.

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    I would prefer a weekday lunch, if that works for others. On weekends I become the family chauffeur.
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      I am in Tecumseh, Michigan (Lenawee County) about 60 miles from Detroit. Getting together would be a great idea. Evening time would be great for me.

      Thought, if there is anyone in my local area that wants to get together also that would be great. A response to this thread, or pm me.

      Duncan Judson
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        I'm in Grand Rapids and would be very interested in meeting up and networking. I'm a big believer in the hive mind, and would love to grab a cup of coffee with like minded individuals.

        Weekends work best for me, as during the week, I am usually busy with kids, sports, and other day to day responsibilities.

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    I'm near the Ann Arbor area, but I would be interested in meeting up. Lets do it!

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