Meet and greet/mastermind group Atlanta, GA

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Just reaching out to see if there are any members in the Metro Atlanta area interested in setting up a mastermind group or local meet and greet, I have noticed warriors from Atlanta, Macon, and Jackson. Guys respond or PM me if interested
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    I would be interested in a meet and greet did anybody else respond to this
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    I'm from the Atl area
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    Cool sounds like me be able to set something up, would be cool to meet everyone and possible share ideas and join forces

    Jarrett Moreland

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      I pass thru Atlanta a few times a month. Would like to know if this group is meeting.

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    Is anyone ready to try to set up a meet?
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    There is a 2 day event just outside of Atlanta that Shawn Casey, Matt Bacak, and myself are doing January 25th and 26th (Friday and Saturday). If any warriors are interested, just pm me and if I hear back soon there's still some seats open (free).

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    i am in ATL and interested
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    I'm in Atlanta as well...

    Hopefully, we can get something going
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  • Im in man let me know when and where
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    I'm in Atlanta too. It would be great if we can get together.
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    I know that is from last year but is there a mastermind anywhere in Atlanta?
    I live in Clarkston, could go about anywhere in Atlanta.
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    I am also near Atlanta and would be interested in joining a group if one has started or starting one if no one has started one yet.
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      I'm also in the Atlanta area.
      I'll come to any part of Atlanta to attend an event.

      I'm fairly new, currently working on list building. I'll mostly be taking in information. Only help I could give anyone is with Kindle publishing, which I'm successful at.

      Too bad I missed that event with Matt Bacak from earlier in the year. I'm on his list and I've learned some really good info from him.
      Anyone know if Mat Bacak will be having any events soon? In Georgia, or the Southeast in general?

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        I just found this site. Looks like a great community.

        I'm in Atl and would love to set up or be a part of a meetup/mastermind.

        In the interest in getting something going, how does everyone's schedules look for the week of Nov. 10-16th?
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    I am new to this Forum. I am between Birmingham and Atlanta and would like to have mastermind meetings. I see the posts are old, but if anyone is up for Atlanta, or Birmingham, AL then I am up for it and will certainly come.
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    I'm (finally) getting active with a niche I've been staking out for awhile.. looking to network with other local IMers. Count me in!
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      Looks like I miss the boat on this one. However I would love to join for any future meeting in Atlanta.
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    Did this ever get going? Im in Gwinnet county. Would be interested in meeting up with some folks.
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  • bump. anyone in atlanta ?
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