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I would like to start a local event in Brussels and am hoping to attract people from the Netherlands and Belgium.

I speak NL and FR but for the puposes of the event would do it in English.

The objective is of course networking, building trust and finding suitable JV's with whom to partner, depending on list style and size. Exchanging ideas and good outsource contacts and products ideas.

The idea would be to do several local events each year.

Let me know what you think and if you have ideas, preferences.


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    I live in Lille and would love to network with you guys. Let me know when you are planning to have this. Thank you.
    Saying thanks is more than good manners. So hit that little button please to pay it forward...
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    I'm interested, i'll be creating a bunch of new (software) products the coming period. Just let me know how we can help eachother.

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    I'm from Antwerp willing to join.
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    If you need a hand just let me know.
    Do you have more information - it's hard to promote something without details ;-)

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    Hey guys...

    I'm from Belgium too... and I'd be very interested to join if you do an event in Brussels or so... !
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    I'm Dutch from Terneuzen (pretty close to Belgium border) I'm going to be back in The Netherlands for next 5 months of so (starting 10 June) I'm game as well..

    I'm online product creator (tech with plenty of marketing experience)
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    Do you have a date and location for the event?

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      Hi All,

      And so finally some details about the meet up event in Brussels.

      I have arranged for some top flight Internet Marketers myself included - to come and talk at the 1st Benelux Internet Marketing meet up on the 27th and 28th September.

      Please join the Facebook group to be kept up to date of developments.


      The event will be held in central Brussels and I will get a hotel as close as possible to central station so that everyone can easily find us !

      It's going to be a great weekend, packed full of speakers, free quality information and ideas with which you can motivate yourselves to take your own businesses to the next level.
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        open to students ?
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          I'm from the Netherlands near the Belgium border (close to Turnhout) and interested in this event. Mostly doing SEO and affiliate marketing running several Travel and Recreational related websites.
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            Hi All,

            So it took some time but it is now arranged and official.

            The very first Benelux Internet Marketing Meetup/Conference takes places on the 27th September. Please see the official announcement below and join the face book group to get more information and be kept up to date with the running order and content.

            Hi Everybody
            I have great pleasure in confirming that after a lot of planning and arrangements, the very first Benelux Internet Marketing conference will take place in Brussels on Saturday 27th September.
            There is a dedicated Facebook group which has been setup specifically for the event and there is a one month build up of useful insight, information, marketing techniques and personal stories in order to wet people's appetite and get them enthused for the day itself. This information is presented within the Facebook group in the form of a daily YT video.

            Anyone is welcome and we are expecting people from France, Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg to attend. The objective of the seminar is bring greater awareness to people who live this side of the water to the possibilities afforded by starting your own business on-line and to help people achieve this and to make the area more entrepreneurial than it currently is.
            There will be three speakers, myself, John Robbins and Chris Nolan.
            The event kicks off at 10:00 AM sharp at the following address:
            'Piano Fabriek' Room Arenberg, 35 Rue du Fort, 1060 St Gill, Brussels
            Tea, Coffee and drinks will be available from the café in the 'Piano Fabriek' and there are snack bars very close to the venue for lunch time.
            Please give me your reaction to this idea here on the WF and in addition join the FB group so that you can follow the videos and be kept up to date with details of the event itself. I am sure we are going to have really very good day.
            There are only 50 tickets available and the first few have already been sold!!
            The running order and details of the three presentations will be posted soon.

            Kind regards

            Paul Langham
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    Just to say that the sale of tickets has now been launched with the FB group. Please join if you are interested to find out more.
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