Maryland Marketing Group Meeting Tomorrow

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If your new to IM, thinking about IM or want to know more about web sites, Seo, marketing or anything else about the Internet, here is your chance to save yourself a lot of time and Effort.

I set up a location for us to meet this Saturday at 2pm, at a bar/restaurant in gaithersburg maryland near route 370 and 270. If you want the address send me a pm with your cell phone number and ill send out the address by text to everyone by 10am Saturday morning if not immediatly after getting your cell number. This way if we're over capacity for what the restaurant can handle it will be very easy to move it to my place less than a mile away.

You do not have to be 21 to get in, so dont worry about that. I reserved a small private room for us to chat and have lunch. The place has good food and you can easily find something you can eat for under $20 on the menu.

I suggest that you bring a laptop with you if you can, I think they have internet but I'm not sure, if not I'll see if I can hook into something for us. but if you have something you want to show the group a laptop is probably the best way to do it.

I'll be bringing along some stuff to give away to everyone so bring bring along a USB drive with a lot of storage space on it. If you have something your willing to share with the group to help each other out, it would be great, that's one reason were all getting together, to hook each other up, and help everyone out.

I would also suggest getting a free Dropbox account and a free account for lastpass. I'll explain why that would be beneficial at the meeting.

If you have business cards, bring them if you want so you can network with the rest of us. If you want to remain anonymous and keep your identity a secret, stay home. No one is going to run background checks but if you want to meet with us we should all meet on common ground, I'm not interested in helping out freeloaders that just want to come in and grab free stuff and information if they aren't willing to help out anyone else that's there.

I even thought about bringing along some NDA forms in case anyone is concerned about someone repeating everything we discuss about what each of us is doing online to make money. NDA= Non Disclosure Forms, (just in case someone didn't know what an NDA was).

Also let me add that if you decide to come to the meeting so you can "Pitch" some BS product and sell it to everyone that comes, I'll toss you out the door myself...

I guess it's obvious now why I was given the nickname Extreme now...

So far four of us have agreed to meet, and it is very short notice, but I will be posting this on other forums also, but I told the restaurant it would be at most ten people, if more people want to come I can always reserve more room or we can move the meeting to my warehouse thats about a half mile away and order food in.
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