Small Mastermind Group (4-5 members MAX)

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In my opinion nothing is more powerful and productive than a group of like-minded individuals working towards – and helping one another meet - a common goal.

With this in mind I would like to form a group of around 4-5 members, with each member having expertise in one or more areas related to IM (content, SEO, linking, marketing, social media, web design, etc).

I think that this format would really benefit Warriors that are just starting out on their own. We can give each other advice, recommend products we have used in the past, and so on. By helping each other we can improve that much faster.

I personally can commit to 2-3 meetings per week, but I’m not sure that everyone has that sort of free time. Meetings will have to be on Skype or another platform of the same ilk.

Anyway, reply if you are interested or hit me up with a PM
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