Group of 10 - 25 Internet Marketers (Google Hangout)

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I am looking to put together a team of 10 to 25 like-minded Internet Marketers. We can meet weekly or bi-weekly through online chat to see what everyone needs and to find out what everyone is working on. We can also bounce emails back and forth to ask simple questions instead of posting it here to the world. I am looking for people who want to help each other offer to review products, marketing advice, help with WSO launches, help with ClickBank launches, help with sales pages, help with list building, and who want to become strong JV partners in the future. Let's put our various skills together and help each other out.

I have seen many similar groups being formed, but it appeared that they were trying to sell the group into their product or service. It looked kind of shady to me. Also, I didn't want to just mingle with other. I want to get started immediately with people that want to get results.

My main requirement is that you are serious. I am looking for people serious about making a full time living doing internet marketing. I am looking for people who are ACTIVELY trying to achieve results and who possibly have some kind of plan.

This is open to anyone, so it does not matter what country you live in. You can be new to the IM field, or several years in. You do not need to be a success, but I ask that you are actively seeking it. You must be willing to bring some skills to the table and be willing to help others out. I want to build a team of "Doers"...not "Wanters".

I have been making a full time living reselling online for the past 4 years. I am DETERMINED to move completely into the Info Marketing business this year. I have been studying it for a year and a half, and I am so confident that I will be successful that I can taste it. I have ambitious, yet realistic, plans to make six figures this year. I am open to help anyone out that is also willing to help others. There is plenty of room at the top for all of us. I am looking to chat as soon as this Friday, Jan 10th.

Napoleon Hill say "in order to get what you want, you must help others get what they want". Let's get this party started and let's start 2014 strong. Who is with me? PM me your google + info and I will create an account dedicated solely for this group.
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    Count me in, Dale. I'm taking a leap of faith here, but like you said, I have only way to go-up!
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      That's wonderful!

      I'm happy to have you on board. And being that you are an editor and copywriter, you bring very valuable skills to the table my friend. I think I could have used your copywriting skills with the title of this post. I think the "Google Hangout" line is preventing most from even viewing the listing. Do me a favor and PM me your Google user name or gmail address so that I can set you up on the new group I am creating on Google Handout. Thanks
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    I am interested in being a member of the Hang out group. I am good with wordpress, whiteboard video creation, PDF creation and social media marketing. Let me know if I fit well with the Group.

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