Any one in FL interested in a Luncheon?

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AgilOne and the Luxury Marketing Council are hosting an exclusive 3-hour luncheon event in which we will explore the science of loyalty and how you can apply those insights to drive ROI for your organization.

The luncheon will present the key concepts of loyalty marketing in today's data-rich and data-driven environment. We will share client results of 67% increase in purchase frequency and a year-over-year increase in AOV of close to 10%.

We're featuring Russell Ackner, Swiss Watch International, and our very own VP of Customer Strategy, Dietrich Chen, as speakers.

The event will be held in Miami, FL on May 9th from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM EST and includes a free luncheon and networking opportunities!

PM me if you're interested! I'll shoot you over the invite.
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