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Hello Warriors,

I am creating an online mastermind mind group. The purpose of this Mastermind Group is to generate ideas, support each other, give advice, and have discussions about any type of online business, offline businesses or even personal development. We will not hold anything back here.

Some members consist of internet marketers, bar owners, company owners, and music business people. This is a great way to network and build a tight family.

This is not a niche specific Mastermind Group. What ever your expertise is you are welcomed. The goal is to communicate mainly online, network and present our ventures etc, and keep supporting each other. Also I would like to start having Google Hangouts as well where we generate ideas ects. This will start happening as soon as activity increases.

For now it is FREE to join. Send me a private message with your Facebook so I can add you the Facebook Group.
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    Hey guys this group is still looking for members. I thought I would stop it at 45 but I think we can build it a little bigger than that. Feel free to PM me your Facebook and I'll add you to the group. Thanks guys.
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    Prior posts were old...

    Anybody have an active (but small) MasterMind group for business owners? Thinking we use skype, messageboard, etc.
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    can I join???

    Michael Ladd
    Visit my blog to receive helpful information, tips and techniques, plus get some quality products!

    Enjoy and learn and have fun: http://YourSuccessUnlimited.Net
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      I would like to join

      Please let me know if thats possible
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    Hi, my skype id is militarygeneral

    I have done internet marketing for the past 3 years

    I will be waiting for you to add me.

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    No experience necessary, no technical skills required
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    I'd love to join if you're still taking new members!
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    I'd also love to join in. SKYPE: Luisgabrielsr

    Senior Account Manager & Trader | CWMFX

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    skype: melissa17tx

    Melissa Vasquez,
    Houston, Texas
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    Is there a skype version of this group? I would be interested in joining that and helping everyone out.
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    hi can i join
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    We're attempting to start one right now. If you're interested in joining and sharing, or just watching and learning, here's the link:

    Skype Internet Masterminds Group

    It that shortened URL doesn't work, here's the Skype URI:

    skype:?chat&blob=Bj49fnBrovzxxk5AmRhycZcjiwbV2K3qG oackSyuHMjEjJdIuQFsX12Hc-4yHriQnQ2Dsw

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    My Skype is Jairalee.Jones
    Please can you add me?
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    I would like to bring my experience to the group just add me.

    My skype is angelo.recaman
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