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Hey Everyone!

Anyone can tell you that social signals are a part of search engine optimization these days.

They can also attest that Twitter is a great source of traffic to your websites when used properly AND your content is shared by other people on Twitter.

The problem is that new marketers or small business owners have a hard time breaking into the right circles when it comes to Twitter marketing.

Sure its easy to tell someone they need to create compelling tweets that people will click on. You and I know differently though.

Twitter is a funny animal, sometimes you can kill it and get tons of traffic, most people don't get more than a couple hits a day from the site though.

My group has found a solution that helps out both SEO's looking for social signals AND people who are looking to increase their reach and hits from Twitter.

We call it Automated Twitter Syndication and it uses some old systems that people have forgotten about to automagically generate Twitter post to your new website content. While give your readers content from the other members sites as well. Thus, your not always promoting your own stuff on Twitter.

What makes us unique to the other automated systems is that because these are our real Twitter feeds the content is reviewed by our own members, so there is no risk of spam in your Twitter account. Just solid content.

Come by and join us we love to have you!

Oh Yeah I forgot to mention the most important part. Unlike other systems that syndicate your content for you, this one is absolutely free, doesn't even cost you an email address.
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