Small Online UK Mastermind Group

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Hi all UK Warriors!

I am looking to create a small online mastermind group for British based Warriors.

Two main points about the group:
"Small" - just four or five members
"Online" - we are all busy so I see this as an online group rather than meeting up (at the moment anyway!)

My vision for the group is to get a few like minded UK based people together to drive each others goals and ideas. Procrastination is the biggest problem for me so to have a group where we can set goals for ourselves, eg "before we next chat I will have done X, Y and Z" and also bounce ideas off of each other would be of real benefit.

Personally I have been making money online since 2007 and am just about to launch my IM blog and have an ebook that will be published within the next month.

If you are interested then drop me a message and a bit of info about what you do and what your plans are lets go from there.
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