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I'm holding a small mastermind in 3,500 sq ft villa. July 30th and 31st.

If anyone is close to Vegas or will be in town, shoot me a PM for details.
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    Dang missed it by a few days.
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    I live and work in Las Vegas, next time let me know
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    Las Vegas resident of 15 yrs now.....shoot me a PM sometime if your interested in having a few beers and talking shop! ;-)
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    Let me know of the next event please (if you happen to see this)
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      Vegas resident or is it occupant? Hmmmm
      Anyway would love to join in on a mastermind group.

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    it's nice to see here but i really don't understand. What you gonna do with vegas peoples. Awaiting for your reply.
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    Are you still holding meet ups for WSO here in Vegas? Please pm me next event. =)
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    Hey guys, are any of you other Las Vegas locals holding any gatherings?

    Please let me know, I'd like to get together and see what other locals are up to.
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    I would like to organize a Las Vegas event out at my office (215/eastern). Educational/Social.., something small with about 6-8 people, I would supply food and a short presentation. Someone else could follow.., we have big screen lcd presentation monitors etc, conference room, kitchen etc...so if anyone is serious, let me know via IM and lets put a small meet together 90 mins max.., as everyone is busy.

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      Im down to go
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    I'm interested in meet up opportunities in Las Vegas.


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