So who would like to Meet our Lovely Bev Clement in Swansea on 21st July 09?

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Hi Everyone,

Bev Clement is coming to Swansea, South Wales in the next week or so (Date and time to be confirmed soon).

She and I are arranging to have an informal meet-up to put faces to names and it would be great to see others there too, so if you think you can make it, please pm me or post your interest here and keep an eye on the thread, I will post the date, time and place as soon as I can.

There is no intention at this time to be any cost involved, other than your own in getting here, we will most likely meet in one of Swansea's great hotel bars.

I am looking forward to meeting Bev (she was one of the first warriors to greet me when I joined) - I love her posts and she has always been a great help to me

Looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys too.

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