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Has anyone been using Facebooks PPC with any success? I here its much cheaper than Google but does it really target your niche? I suppose it would work great for those that want to advertise their social networking sites.

Any feedback on this?
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    I was curious about this my self , i know when they started this a couple months ago they were offering 50$ free advertising campaign , i missed out on that and havent really heard anything on this subject.

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    I've used it before and found that the traffic they send me didn't convert well. Most of the visitors stayed on my site for 0 seconds. I wasn't mad about it though because I had a $100 credit. It might still be available when you add the Visa business network application.
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    Thanks guys, I didn't think it would be worth it to begin with. As guys on Facebook are not really looking to buy anything.
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      I've still got my pending $50 they let use and I just need better demographics data before I'll give it a go. I've got some ideas. I wonder if anyone else has used this too.
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        FB PPC is best for social networking sites. Coz Most of the people comes here for Finding Friend's. They r not going to buy anything. Maybe 95% people will click your ad for just Visit your site. i think so....
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          I guess if it's targetted traffic then ideally it should convert well, but you get all kinds of people on there . How does FB target people? Is it based on what they wrote as their interests? Targetting by age and gender is not really good enough these days
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            Its very hard to get your ads approved on FB and the conversion is pretty bad. Still I know many people who have are very successful at it. Also try to target offers for the college age crowd. They tend to convert the best as that is mainly the FB audience,
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    That's right, BUT...
    If I remember correctly, you have the option to specify your audience quite a lot. Like interests, age etc...

    I tried it a long time ago without success, all I noticed was that you'll get a ctr of next-to-none if you don't use images.
    And I must admit I HAVE seen attractive offers that's been around for quite a while.

    So obviously someone make it work well. It really depends on your approach. It might be a good idea for a WSO? Although I think I have seen facebook marketing e-books somewhere.

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