Getting more Views for ebay listing

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Can you tell me how to get more views
on the ebay in listing so that will increase
chances of selling more..

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      Originally Posted by mrrightme View Post

      ebay is over saturated, try alibaba.
      Ebay is oversaturated, huh? Since when? Since you've got Alibaba in your sig?
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      Originally Posted by mrrightme View Post

      ebay is over saturated, try alibaba.
      Ebay will never be over-saturated, that's ridiculous. There's a market for every kind of item you can think of and plenty of people make a living from eBay, alone.
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    Thank you for your tip but my focus
    is on ebayin
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    you could try youtube videos added to your sales page on ebay. An ebay store helps if you have enough volume and time. Google how ebay presents its sales and why some people (like power sellers) get more exposure. Basically it is simple, the more you sale and the better your feedback, and the more active your account, the more favor your products will get in the search engines (as far as I am aware). Finally, look at what you are selling. Ebay is extremely price competetive, and some markets have gotten so competetive you can't make money anymore. Example = t-shirts, hard to sale NWT for any decent money because sellers have brought down prices too low due to trying to win competetion. Pick a low competetive but higher demand niche, and always diversify.

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    A great picture goes a long way on ebay. So will a great title, one that's attracting to people.

    Your pictures should make the product look awesome and the headline make the deal appealing to people looking for your product and thinking about MAYBE looking at your offer.

    Again, a good picture will do most of this for you.

    Depending on what you're selling, some of their upgrades can help too.
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    Make certain your listing title is informative, you have a good main photo, and your price is competitive. All three items are important. My two sense.
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    Make your listing more appealing. Use proper description and photos. You can also opt for category featured option or home page featured if possible.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    I don't know much about Ebay. But what is your niche? Your product?
    (No - don't answer those questions here - rhetorical for YOU to think about)

    Now, who buys it? Where do they probably go online? Is it pretty, visual? Think Pinterest. Is it technical? Think Reddit.

    Etc... where do your customers hang out online? Figure that out and make yourself known there.

    Contact me if you need to!

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    It's not so much about the number of views as it's about how relevant your listing is to the search.

    The trick is understanding that eBay's philosophy is similar to Google's - user experience.

    So to give the best user experience, eBay searches are sorted by relevance by default. The more relevant your listing to the search, the higher in the results your post is and the more views you'll get (assuming you're competitively priced, have an attractive picture, etc).

    eBay uses several benchmarks to determine the order of relevant results. The first is what you control. The single most important part you control is your title. You want to load it with keywords and use all the characters possible.

    eBay also gives priority to items that qualify as "Fast and Free" shipping, and then just Free shipping.

    The second part is all about the "votes" you get from users.In other words, how interactive is your listing. The more action your listing gets, the more relevant it seems to eBay. So the more views, watchers, and ultimately sales you get, the more relevant that item becomes.

    I don't know what you're selling, but personally, I never list an item unless I know it's sold several times and what it's sold for. Look at the sold history for whatever you're wanting to list. If there are sales, then model those listings. What keywords were used? What are the price points? Can you make a minimum of $5 profit accounting for listing fees and sales tax.

    Everything you need to know to run a successful auction is right there on eBay. Just look at what's working for others and model it.

    Hope that helps.
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    Originally Posted by megalinktraffic View Post

    Can you tell me how to get more views
    on the ebay in listing so that will increase
    chances of selling more..

    To start with, I totally disagree with the remark that ebay was over saturated.

    With regards your request for increased 'views', are you referring to the views on ebay itself? In that I mean while someone is on ebay and type in a keyword? Or are you talking about traffic in general?

    Looking at the former, then you would need to 'beef' your listing up by doing the following:

    Break your listing up into 3 parts:

    1) Image
    2) Title
    3) Description

    Get the above wrong and you would go nowhere. Get it right and you should have streams of traffic flooding your listing and you would be light years ahead of those that get it wrong.

    1) Image - They need to be clear and crisp. Most people are visual. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. They actually do. The ideal size for images on ebay is 500 x 500 px. Start with larger CLEAR pics and downsize them to 500 x 500 and not the other way around.

    2) Title - MOST IMPORTANT!!! Make it Keyword Rich. End of Story! Not kidding! Most people do not realize that ebay is a search engine. And when you are searching for something you type in your keyword(s). If the keywords that you want to 'rank' for are in your title, people would find you. If it is not, then you would NOT get traffic.

    Use every single character of the max of 80 characters that ebay allows. The title may not end up looking pretty but who gives a hoot if it does not and still generates tons of traffic.

    3) Description - Make it 'sell'. Write it as detailed as possible placing yourself in the shoes of the customer. What would you like to read? This is critical. After completion, put it aside for a while then go back and re-read it. If it needs polishing, polish it. Then do it over again until you are satisfied.

    Doing the above would guarantee that you get loads of traffic to your listing. Not doing it ... well your present situation shall remain unchanged I gather.

    If you are looking for additional ways of generating traffic, think outside the box. Use services such as IBO Toolbox, Solos, and Premium Targeted Traffic. Some are paid (like the last one) but you can get some pretty good results for a small investment.

    All in all, I would recommend doing the 3 things that I mentioned above and doing it well. You should start to see significant views to your offering.

    All the best.
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