Any video program out there that create video like this?

by Spark
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Hi guys,

I am looking at some video presentations and i notice there's a same kind of video presentation that show big words with flashy slides.
Example : Push Button Effects - High Impact Video Background Animations, Motion Backgrounds, Royalty Free Music and Loops!, Keyword Research Tool | Keyword Software, Wildhorse Performance Marketing. [I have no link to them but it's seem to me that they are doing the same kind of video marketing which sure look professional to me]

Any one here know is there any software out there do things like this? Or is there any guide, ebooks, any informations to teach us to to do things like this easily? Appreciate someone can help. Thanks!
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    Final Cut Pro Is the Best Program For Macs. Video Editing Made Easy
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    Those are just a bunch of Video Backgrounds and Texts. Easily made with Final cut Pro.
    The leading Video Editing Software.
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    Im not sure about the program but a fellow warrior Chris Willow does some of these killer sales videos. He runs wso's from time to time, here's an old thread I think...

    Check it out and I hope that helps


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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for you help. But is there's any guide book to help us out? Went to check Final Cut pro but it's for Mac...i am using Window so can't really do much..

    Was wondering whether can camstudio able to do things like this? their video presentation does look real cool!

    P.S: Killer Sales Video does look what i am looking at. Thanks! But is there any window tool able to do things like this?

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    Hi Spark.

    You can get a basic look similar to the PBE one you listed using Sony Vegas (which is a cheap product and good for beginners to get started with).

    If you want to move on to more advanced video, a little like the last sample you gave, then you can use software like Adobe After Effects CS4. I use CS3 and the whole Adobe Master Collection cost me around £2K when I purchased last year.

    I think Adobe sell AE CS4 on its own for around $1,000 or £1K in UK.

    You can then get plugins and tools that will help speed up process like the organic swirly lines on that last video, there are plugins that will create that kind of effect for you.

    It takes time to learn the basics, but well worth it with the results you can then achieve.

    All the best to you.


    PM me if you would like some help.

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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your help on this! Sure, will love to try out these stuffs. but the guy who's doing this does really amaze me. let's say if i wan to jump straight to advance one like the one that i post it. I should get Adobe After Effect will do? Just curious. Even though the pricing does look scary to me..haha

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      Hi Spark,

      Video production is a complex mix of multiple programs. Depending on what you are after as a final result. They range from simple screen capture programs to very sophisticated video production software ranging in price from free to thousands of dollars.

      To assess your requirements you first need to determine your budget. The effects in the videos you posted can be accomplished by several methods.

      I personally use Camtasia Studio and Snagit for screen captures and and simple production editing and rendering. I use Sony Vegas Pro for complex post production editing. I also use Adobe Photoshop CS Extended for graphic development and some video production elements to be used in post production.

      Using Camtasia, you can purchase pre-made video loops along with audio loops pop them into Camtasia and render. But if you're wanting to actually create the video and audio you'll need to step up to the more expensive and much more sophisticated and expensive software option.

      Producing great video and audio pieces requires a lot of skill and knowledge. The learning curves can be long and steep. I know many people that just don't want to mess with this process and will outsource that work.

      It really comes down to your capabilities, budget and time constraints.

      Hope this helps.


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    I did the one for wild horse marketing with Adobe After FX. All the other examples are created with the same app.

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    hey chris, yeah I was just going to say the last video you did that one...

    most of these videos you can do them in adobe after effects or adobe premiere elements
    or premiere pro, the hardest thing is the creative aspect of doing videos the tech side
    learning the software is easy, creative stuff is harder.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the help. Yup. i also notice that wild horse video are done by you Chris. After some thoughts, perhaps i should use your service instead of doing it as it's does save quite alot of time learning this video making.

    Thanks guys! Once i intend to use it, i would use your service chris. Many thanks!

    P.S: Has already Bookmark your topic on Warriorforum as well.

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    Hi ,

    All those videos are done using adobe after effects. This is the leading software in the video creation industry. I think some of them are made final cut pro. You can also use sony vegas.


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    Without a doubt, the said video was created using Adobe After Effects.

    There are easier ways to replicate the "scale in" effect, however.

    Avid released a video editing suite that automates the "scale in" effect, for example. If you're using a Mac, you can try Apple Motion which is semi-similar to Adobe After Effects, albeit, with a less punishing learning curve.

    The easiest way to pull it off?

    Again, you'd need a Mac and a program called Keynote. Keynote is the Mac's version of Powerpoint, but 100 times more powerful... so much so that creative folks can actually use it as a compositing tool. You can create a video similar to what you saw in 10 minutes with Keynote - 8 minutes will be spent typing the words.

    Minus the light trail blur, of course. That kind of polish can only be replicated with a real compositing program.

    I also know for certain that the said video wasn't created using Final Cut Pro, at least not by itself. There are minor compositing tricks towards the end (with the logo fade) which Final Cut Pro cannot do. LiveType can replicate the "scale in" effect but not the aforementioned light trail blur. If one has to use Final Cut Pro, it's just for the editing part, and the compositing will be left to a sister program, Motion.
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      Here's the EXACT answer your looking for: Get Adobe After Effects CS3 or CS4, and then purchase project files, it looks like at least one of those videos was made with a commonly available CS3 Project File. A Project File is a complete video, sound, text, etc. that is like a website template. You simply edit the text/images/videos to your liking (very easy) and re-render, and then BAM, you have your video. Keep in mind, Project Files can be pricey.
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      Originally Posted by Coleen.Young View Post

      Lol, Cgcmarketing, I believe I gave you the same advice at

      However, let us clarify some things because the video that is the subject of this thread is a demo video of products being sold by a fellow Warrior.

      That fellow Warrior DID NOT use any existing project files for his demo video or for his products.

      That fellow Warrior created the motion backgrounds from scratch. They are original. They cannot be found in AE project sites like Revostock, Videohive and Dropdrop.

      I believe this has to be said because your post would've otherwise given the impression that our fellow Warrior was merely using project files to create motion backgrounds that he is selling as originals.
      Oh no! Don't get me wrong, I was not referencing that site with the background at all, I was referencing the 3rd site I believe. The video on the 3rd site looks like one of the common RevoStock CS3 Project Files. Backgrounds are ALWAYS needed, even if your using Project Files, so it stock footage, etc.
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    Yeah I got what you were saying on second reading, Sir, hence I erased my original post.

    But your reply's so fast, lol!

    Cheers, mate!
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    Hi there, sounds intersting, What's about the music(audio)? Is it included? If not where do I get it?

    Thanks for your answer.

    Regards Mic
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    I create ready to go video templates that have this type of animation plus audio and sound effects. Cool thing is this put high quality video design within the reach of ANYONE. No high end software needed or video marketing experience. I have helped quite a few people get into video creation, who otherwise would have never even tried it.

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    I use After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro for my videos at Killer Video Squeeze Pages - Earning Affiliate Commissions Has Never Been Easier!.

    One of the plugins that I use a LOT for animating text is here proDAD - Online-Shop

    Want to see why my clients have 6-FIGURE launches? Sales Page Videos
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