What is the best Lead Magnet, Product, Upsell, etc?

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I am trying to really figure some stuff out here.

What is the ultimate, best example of a lead magnet?
Ideally something a niche is dying to know, and then feed it to them, correct?

What is the very best product ? Something that expands on the lead magnet?

What is the best upsell? Something that automates/speeds up the product?

What is the best 2nd upsell? A higher ticket item?

I wish there was a course that really outlined what the best things are for these. I get a little confused with all of this.

Does anyone know of any courses that clearly outline this?
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    Solution my friend..

    Solution is the answer to all your questions..
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      Originally Posted by gluckspilz View Post

      Solution my friend..

      Solution is the answer to all your questions..
      I am sorry I dont understand.
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    Read it on Digitalmarketer. This what I understand of a simple funnel

    Lead Magnet >> Tripwire >> Core Offer >> Upsell

    But in order to make good sale funnel, work backward. Perhaps from Upsell or Core Offer than do Tripwire and Lead Magnet. What Ryan Diess and Perry suggest is fraction of Core Offer will be the Tripwire and small portion of tripwire would be the lead magnet. To decide what is the best lead magnet, you need to know what your core offer.

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      Thanks everyone for your answers.

      Work backwards. Good idea.

      But I still wish there was a way to indentify these better.

      In which products do Perry and Ryan explain this best?
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  • When deciding upon a lead magnet, regardless of the niche, always niche-down to low as you can go.

    Don't try to appeal to a crowd with an eBook saying "How To Make Money" - You may get a few takers, but the results would be better when you niche down to, let's say, "How To Make $78.25 with CPA and Mobile in 48 Hours". This would appeal more to the audience get more targeted subscribers which would help your sales funnel.

    Staying with the CPA and Mobile niche as mentioned above, your Upsells and OTO's should be related to CPA and Mobile. You can't expect results by putting people on your list for CPA and try selling them on Listbuilding - Again, you'd get takers, but not the logical way to going about it.

    When your Sales Funnel is monetized for a certain micro niche, it would perform better as your lead magnet would ensure that only the people interested in it are put in from of our offers.

    100 targeted subscribers and better than 1000 non-targeted.

    As for the course, it depends on your budget. Although I'd recommend Warrior Forum. You'd never get ignored for anything you ask.


    Tip: If you're short on money, do what I did - Google "Free 'Your Niche' + PLR" and download them. Go through them and you'll have a general idea about the niche.

    Sig in the making ...

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    Here I go again (I should stop doing this on an open forum)....

    The ideal lead magnet teaches people a thought. A thought like, creating a great plan for their business or investing in their future or getting coaching with a great mentor. It's ideal purpose is to prepare people and make them want something. Something only you have.

    This prepares them mentally and gets them thinking the way YOU want them to think.

    Then you come to their rescue with a solution based product for sale, offering the exact thing you taught them they need to be looking for. Because now it's what THEY want, because you taught them to want it.

    Your upsells simply share ways for them to make the process better, easier or faster.
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      Ohh. Very very nicely put. Thank you..
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    I think you're on the right track as far as knowing all the steps involved. The next step is coming up with the content for the lead magnet and upsells. This requires digging deeper into what the target audience for your niche wants to know. You can visit niche forums, answer sites and Facebook to see what pressing problems people in your niche are trying to resolve.

    Once you know what the problems are, you can create info products aimed directly at solving those problems. Be a problem solver and genuinely interested in your subject matter.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    The best lead magnet is a SOLUTION to a specific problem!

    You need to put the two together --> Specific Solution + TARGETED Traffic

    If you fail to drive targeted traffic to your lead magnet - then no matter how hard you try - you are not going to get good results, good conversions.

    And well you kinda answer some of your questions yourself already.

    A lead magnet is something an audience is looking for and wants really bad.

    Then you can have a tripwire - a trial or a cheap offer.

    Then you can have your core offer and then finally an upsell.

    The prices should go up as the visitor goes through the funnel.

    It will start with a free offer as the lead magnet - then every step should have a higher price.

    I know of an amazing training that will explain a great funnel model - you can go over to my blog and click on the top banner - the trainings you get there are going to teach all about this funnel process!

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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  • Example of lead magnet:

    Free ebook reveals 4 ways to make 1000$ a day in under 30 days.

    Free video shows how to lose belly fat without doing any situps in 3 weeks

    Free blueprint on how to create podcast channel in under 100$ investment

    Lead magnet or capture page sets up the emotion in preparation of the traffic to follow your lead on their want or making them aware of that want.

    Then you squeeze in what the "need" as a form of affiliate product or your own to make it worth your while and run your business.

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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