single tip to win the race!

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Lots of people looking for a single formula and a short cut strategy to win the game.
ever changing google algos.
every changing tricks and tips and strategies.

here is the single, ever green, simple yet powerful tip that will never ever let you down.

Produce and market high quality useful content ( text, video, audio .... ) related to your audience, all the rest will follow you.

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    Thaks for this usefull tip.
    Well, the hugest issue is still the same and is called traffic.
    According to me, "high quality useful content" is essential, but without traffic, it's just useless.
    "high quality useful content" will never leave you down if you're able to run good traffic of course...


    Daniel Yao

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    traffic will come if your content is relevantto your chosen niche. If the content is quality it will always outrank over quantity. Traffic generation doesn't have to be hard and I don't find it hard if you know the methods of generating.

    Don't forget that you want quality traffic and that doesn't even have to cost
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      Content and traffic are both critical. So is selling into demand.

      If you go into a market and try to convince and force people to like your product, or service, or web site . . . you're going to fail.

      Demand is already in the marketplace.

      It's the marketers job to understand where the demand lies. Once he knows that, he can put his offer in front of the demand, make it catered specifically to the characteristics of the demand, and not have to worry that what he is selling is not wanted.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Originally Posted by oWEN tEBB View Post

      traffic will come if your content is relevantto your chosen niche. If the content is quality it will always outrank over quantity...
      No, traffic won't come if you don't have a good plan to bring it to you site/offer even if you have the best content...
      And i'm not saying that traffic generation is hard. Of course, it's simple when you know excately what to do...


      Daniel Yao

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    It's funny because it's often overlooked.. many people look for the secret or the easy way, but I strongly believe if you create useful content that helps people and that people want to read you will be able to drive traffic.. what you do with the traffic after the fact is up to you
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