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More than a handful of years ago, I started a blog with the intent of trying to figure out how to effectively use a blog and internet marketing techniques to succeed. I know how to write and I used ezinearticles to bring traffic to my website. And then I went back to school and developed a specialty.

Now I am trying to build an offline business among medical professionals in a highly saturated market (major American city).

I have a website promoting my services and am using blog posts/articles to provide additional information to prospective clients who stumble upon the website.

SO. . . I know there have been a TON of changes since I stopped years ago (back then Digg and delicious were huge, to give you a perspective).

1. What advice would you give to me to use internet marketing techniques to build my local, offline business?
2. Are article directories dead? Is there a way to drive focused, local traffic via these directories?
3. Any and all advice you have is welcomed.

Thank you in advance!
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    "Now I am trying to build an offline business among medical professionals in a highly saturated market"

    sounds tough. Article marketing certainly won't cut it, and the best way would be to build relationships with the decision makers involved. Usually that is done via hiring account managers with connections in the industry, but if you don't have the money for that, you'll need to be attending industry networking events, etc. Forget about hiding behind a computer if you want medical clients, real-world relationships trump all in that space. Also, there's an offline marketing section to this forum, check that out.
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    PM me with the field in which you're operating.

    For a very long time I was a medical marketing consultant, using DRM to generate millions in leads and sales for medical professionals (our clients).

    I may be able to offer pointers.... but not without knowing the space you're in.
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      So I am doing the offline marketing, but I also know that this is a field where people search for prospective providers on their computers, as well.

      Was just trying to see how I could utilize internet marketing techniques in this way.

      Thanks for the feedback. Already excited to have reached out to the forum.
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