How Are You Using Facebook to Grow Your Email List?

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I've been in internet marketing for about a year now and it's time to take things to the next level! Here's a little about what i'm doing now. I chose to start in the Forex niche and have done moderately well for the time I invested into it. I made a squeeze page that gives a free FX related offer (usually an indicator) in exchange for a name and email address. I spent some money on solo ads and did ad swaps to drive traffic to the squeeze page and capture leads. Most of this traffic is provided by a FX/JV Skype group i'm a part of. Anyway, now I have a targeted email list.

That all works reasonably well; However, I need to ramp this up into something bigger. I know some of you guys in IM are using Facebook and using it well. What techniques are you employing to generate targeted traffic from Facebook? Are you buying likes? Are you using PPC? Also any generalized tips on IM is always welcome!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!
- Shane
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    We've seen great results generating free traffic through posting in Facebook groups related to our target market.

    It is also beneficial to set up a remarketing pixel on your landing pages through Perfect Audience or Adroll. This is to get visitors that have already hit your page to come back and you can usually convert a good amount at a low CPC.

    Setting up specific ad campaigns can be beneficial however this does not work that well for all business types so you just need to test it out a bit and see how it converts for your biz.

    Hope this helps!
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    Agree with above, I have recently started posting in niche related groups and seen a decent amount of traffic come through.
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    I'm buying likes and using Facebook PPC campaigns to build my list.

    I'm buying likes to get my pages established and then I'm letting them grow organically from there. I post original memes at least once a day along with memes that I use FTP traffic to find and schedule. This keeps the pages engaged and growing at a fairly decent pace once I stop buying likes.

    Once I have a page built up, I use CPC campaigns to advertise to my page members and drive traffic to my websites. I have an opt-in form on the website where I attempt to capture their e-mail address and sell them items that are great deals that I know they'll be interested in. I've managed to build a list of several thousand people and turn a decent profit while building it.

    Now that I have a list, I'm building a relationship with the list and am sending them deals on products several times a week. I'm also marketing Teespring shirts to them and average 10 to 20 shirts sold every time I send out an e-mail.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    So basically my success from Facebook had come down to the following....

    Built a page where I post my success stories. I do this by writing inspirational stories about and posting youtube videos doing pretty much the same. Now I tend to update the page every other day with new content and if im not posting success stories then im offering free advice. By doong this im building a reputation as a leader that inspire people to do the same.

    Every day however I will post adverts advertising my brand. The great thing though is I use this software that allows me to do this automatically, freeing me up to work or do other things. So bottom line is Facebook csn be used effectively if you know what your doing. The most important thing is being consistent.

    Good luck
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    I stopped handing Facebook my money quite some time ago. It wasn't a decision based on economics; more a moral decision. I won't go into details.

    Having said that: your best bet - if you're intent on using FB - is to grow your own traffic platform via fan pages and groups.

    You'll need to learn a few things and implement them:

    1. Cover Design.
    2. How to Grow.
    3. How to Engage.
    4. How to Monetize.

    You'll find more engagement from groups but you'll find fan pages are easier to grow. Solution: grow both. These days, you'll need at least 50K fan page likes to make it a worthwhile endeavour. I don't do FX, though, so this figure may not strictly apply.

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Never tried Facebook for building the list. But have assumed that it is a Good option to get started.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    I have been posting on groups related to my niche, and I am having success
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    Join some click banking and ad swap groups. There are tons of good ones.
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