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by Scott Woodside 9 replies
I know you must think I'm crazy, so humor me ok? I'm just giving back and this is the only way I know how.

So, here's the deal.

If you want free audio production. Be one of the 1st five to respond and you will get the following free!

WAIT, there is one catch. I don't want to be sitting around all day waiting for your project. Only respond to this free offer if you have the product ready to produce.

This free offer will expire when this thread leaves the front page of the discussion forum or five people have signed up before the thread leaves the front page.

OK, here's what you will get:

Two pages of or two articles converted into audo (12 point type)


ONE produced audio for a splash page and or webpage, or product! With music!

I'm going to watch this thread and expect to begin producing the audio right away. So if you don't have the copy ready to be produced right now, then don't respond. Please. I just can't keep track of who responds and who doesn't when they grab an offer like this and then wait two weeks to cash in their free audio...

Lets go for immediate gratification right here right now!
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