How you go about finding more info about your target market and their interests for Facebook ads?

by jakeim
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I am looking to set up some facebook ads later today. I will setup multiple campaigns for the same URL targeting different interests.

Example - I have a page on fast sports cars, so I would target car magazines for one campaign, then car brands for another campaign, etc. and so forth.

I'm just wondering if there's a more systematic way to go about finding interests for my targeted demographic. Also wondering, how can I pin-point who my actual demographic would be? Are there sites I should be using or tools? Thanks.

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    There are many or at least a few.

    Quantcast is one. They can give good insight into your market.

    Look for websites where your market hangs out and then enter the URL into Quantcast and you will get demograpic information.

    Alexa is another. Alexa also shows websites last visited and next visited so you can find where the audience is coming and going for any URL.

    For example, Alexa says of

    Male, no college/some college, browses WF from school.

    They arrive from ThemeForest, Flippa and Fiverr and after visiting WF they go to Google, WarriorPlus, Facebook and BestBlackHatForum.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm wondering though, how do I find related interests? Like if people are interested in sports cars, how do I know what else they might be interested in? I can take a guess, but is there a more structured way to go about it?
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    I suggest you check out Audience insight which is inside your ads manager on the left.

    You can find more about your target audience and related targets by checking out the pages they like. Quite the handy tool.
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