How to make all hyperlinks blue in Word for Mac? Do URLs in books look better black or blue?

by Ben15
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I currently have an e-book with nearly 100 links to different websites. Due to various shades of black in my original document, I highlighted all of the text in the document and made it the same black.

Now, all the hyperlinks are black yet underlined black. On one hand, I like that because it doesn't distract from the ideas in the book. Readers are encouraged to soak up the information and only click the links they need. Yet, blue links are standard and make it more clear where there are links.

The text is like "one very helpful resource is Example Domain" instead of "one very helpful resource is Example Domain".

Based on how the book is laid out, I need to keep the links within the text rather than put them in the end of chapters.

So my questions are 1) should I turn all of the links blue or leave them black?
2) Is there any way to turn all the links blue without having to select them one by one?

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