Facebook or Skype Groups for Recruiting Affiliates?

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Does anyone have suggestions on how or where to recruit affiliates for launches?

I'm currently pending approval for WarriorJV, Muncheye, and I get some requests through Warrior Plus, but I'm looking for something that is more personal and direct.

Maybe I'm not entering the best search queries because when I search Google for FB Groups, the only groups I'm finding are no longer being updated and/or do not allow other members to recruit.

This is the million dollar question for me. I've read guides talking about how it's important to spend time and effort on recruiting affiliates, but they do not explain how. I've read posts here on the forum advising to recruit affiliates, but they do not explain how.

I guess I'm missing the obvious, so I have to ask
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    SEO and SMM are still worthwhile, at least to some degree.

    For example, with SMM: You could try creating your own Facebook page. Try to make the posts interesting. Also make posts about your product or service with a call to action. You may consider things like paid advertising as well, but stick to a budget.

    Try to find different sites, forums, etc. where people might share an interest as well.
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