Mid mapping, keeping track of what to do- strategic thinking (Help)

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Oh well, this is my question.

I have a bunch of domains I want to develop. It's for my own country code cctld (country domain name).

As I have managed to buy, and register a few valueable domain names under wwwdomain.Se

But, how do I map things up, as I plan to develop all these domains, so I get a complete image on what I want done, structured, and FEEL in control, as I want to plan things out.

I want to take this to a professional level.

I know there are softwares out there, that help us keep track and keep our minds in place.

This is an example of what I had in mind, but are there better alternatives out there. Or could anybody recommend a software, to keep my workload structured.

SmartDraw 2009 - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com

Could anybody recommend software I can use, or have other opinions and recommendations. You could PM if like, or just post below ^^

Johan "Magic Johnson"

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    I personally use Free Mind and that works really well for me. It's free and it does what it was built to do. Sorry they won't let me post links yet, so just google free mind, its the first page that comes up.

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      Hi magic,

      Didn't think it would take long. What happened to -

      And that's why I spend less time on here.

      There are a whole bunch of amateurs in this place.

      It's simple, I have out grown the majority of members around
      here, and then it's time to move on, for me, to find new
      Post #2

      My response is post #13

      But now you want help? In 'this place'??!!


      Roger Davis

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        I know, when it comes to morality & ethics etc.

        I can't keep my head in the cooler.

        I know there are not amateurs only here, (generalize statement), I guess I get frustrated while I have actually grown up over most of advice in this place, for the most parts, but have no clue where to turn now.

        Maybe something more private? I mean I have the biggest bubble head, ego, on the WWW probably. Still after years just absorbing, I fear missing out on knowledge, yet known to me. :p

        It's just the way I am, I dabble in to different fields outside of IM and I just crave knowing more than the next person. Then you find somebody you get along with over the Internet, and you know they live 10000 miles away from you in the USA.

        It's hard to find likeminded folks offline. And Internet is only so good for so long, I have to get laid and meet people IRL.(In real life? )

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        Hi magic,

        Didn't think it would take long. What happened to -

        Post #2

        My response is post #13

        But now you want help? In 'this place'??!!

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    Magic,you might try to get a white board at a office store and map out your plans on it.I picked one up the other day at a Office Depote for around $30.00.It is great to wright out your goals and marketing plans.It is very easy to erase things and alter your plans as things progress.It has helped me to be more productive.

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      Originally Posted by 123rlp View Post

      Magic,you might try to get a white board at a office store and map out your plans on it.
      Great Idea, I have had snap momements of thinking of this, too. I will find somebody in my local town that sell them.

      I also plan to try out softwares, I have to stop kidding myself otherwise, that things will get done with no proper laid up planning.

      I am not good at keeping a lot of things in my head, either.

      Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
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    MindJet is another one. I think Smart Draw has more options and more style maps. Like process maps, mind maps, and other types of maps.

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