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How effective can an ad in a newspaper or classified ads be for a website? Has anyone ever tried this? Obviously they can't click on a newspaper ad so this could be a be drawback. There is a 10,000 circulation niche newspaper that my site is the same niche as. Is it worth advertising there?
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    For such a newspaper it can't be very expensive to just try, right?

    I put a classified in a major metropolitan newspaper for a Saturday, selling a service. I got one job out of that ad, which more than paid for it.

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      It can be extremely effective, or a complete dud. It depends on how well your ad piques the readers' curiosity.

      Back in my mlm days, one of the most effective lead generators I had was a classified in the weekend USA Today. Our group used Adwords to test different ads, then took the most effective one and ran it.

      I didn't keep the records, so I can't give you exact figures anymore, but our opt-in rate was over 50% and our conversion from there was better than most of our other sources.

      One tip: have an easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell domain name.

      Bonus tip: Track your results from landing page on, so you know if any traffic you get from the ad is worth it.
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