Where To Report online Company?

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I was looking for a good Twitter Script clone or something similar.

So I ran across one that appeared to be real nice. There was no demo, but from the description and screenshots it looked like a nice script. I was going to purchase it until I noticed that they were attempting to sell hosting and would deliver or install the Twitter script on your account for free if you purchased a hosting account that they were affiliates of. So I purchased hosting via HostUpon which has been very helpful.
I then followed the instructions to get my Twitter script installed and provided the publisher with my credentials.
Now, normally I wouldn't do this but I had no sites or info on this hosting account So I didn't care.
It was weeks later and still no word about this Twitterscript and still no install on my domain. So I contacted them, again and again. It took so long that I eventually uploaded 2 sites to the hosting account and forgot about the twitter script.
I then remembered again and contacted them again. Each time I would only get an automated message telling me that I would be contacted in 24 hours by one of their reps but it never happened. So finally, I began blowing the twitterscript support team up... I sent them 20-30 emails back to back about the script install that they owed me. Yesterday, I noticed that all of my sites on that hosting account were completely gone. I contacted HostUpon and they told me that this was no accident. Someone definitely erased all of my files. The only thing that was not erased were the files that were hidden.
I don't know if I am posting this in the right section, but I want to know, where or who do I report this to?
#1, I want the script that was promised to me, and #2, this twitterscript developer team were the only ones that had my credentials and I rarely use the account.

can someone please help!
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