Whip Out Your Flip and Do This

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Hi Warriors!

How often to do you visually give thanks to the people who have helped you out around here? I had someone make me a video "testimonial" - and it surprised and shocked (and delighted) me that he did that. I didn't ask for it. He just did it and I happened to see it on Addictomatic one day.

I went today and made one for my mentor, Craig Desorcy, and stuck it on YouTube. I won't add it here cuz it's the 4th and I know some of you have been drinking and you might upchuck. LOL

I hadn't even thought about it - aside from people wanting video "testimonials" they ask for for a sales letter or whatever. These types of "thanks" you can offer make the personal who helped you out more realistic to others who may not have heard about them.

So next time you want to hit that Thanks button, consider making a video. You don't have to be purty (God knows I'm not with my 3 extra chins I plan to get rid of this year), but it's not about looks or money or camera appeal - it's about letting people hear and see someone real tell something about someone else.

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