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Hi guys just wondering, I'm working on a project to make an authority blog. But the blog I'd like to write on, has multi-niches into and each niche is related to each other in the articles.

I'd like to connect each article with others about these kind of niches: tech, web security, tech products reviews, SEO, and personal grow related always to tech niche.

Can I be successful with this project or is better to create Micro Niche Websites for each one niche? I'd like to make a big blog to Brand my name and get known to work as freelance writer.

I've read a blog similiar to my project idea (the owner of this blog has his name as brand) with tech articles and personal development:
(that's not spam, it's not my blog).
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    The idea with the authority site seems pretty good. It has a main core: tech and multiple categories related to it. It all seems pretty tidy as you presented it. All you need to keep in mind is that you need a need a powerful and well researched keyword in order to be ranked high by google.
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    One larger blog encompassing all the different areas is a better idea than several small ones. The larger blog will be easier to populate and, if they're all interlinked as you say, has a bigger potential to be a go-to resource for any users.

    If you use the general subject as the main site keyword and use specific keywords for each blog entry, it also maximises the chances of your blog showing up in search results. Just remember to keep good quality.
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