Putting an Internet Marketing niche PLR to be sold on ClickBank.

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What is your opinion, if I put a Internet Marketing niche PLR to be sold on ClickBank? Please feel free to share your opinion here.
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    I think it would be a very misguided and mistaken thing to do. It won't help your reputation at all.

    I don't even know whether ClickBank would allow it.

    My guess is that even if they accepted it, they'd (rightly) remove the product if they ever found out that that's what you'd done, anyway.

    Also - no serious, pro-affiliate is going to promote an IM-related product from ClickBank, for the fairly obvious reason that those products tend to be bought from ClickBank through people's own hoplinks, rather than through the hoplinks of the referring affiliate. From the affiliate perspective, therefore, you can make the sale, but being paid the commission is another matter altogether. You might attract the affiliates who haven't worked this out and are unaware of it, but they tend not to sell anything, unsurprisingly enough. You won't attract the 5% of affiliates who make over 95% of the sales. (Of course, that's a problem specific to this context: it doesn't arise with other niches at ClickBank, or with IM-related products on other networks: it arises only because ClickBank allows people to buy through their own hoplinks, and in IM-related niches some of the customers are themselves already ClickBank affiliates).

    Trying to make money without actually having to do any work won't help you much, in the long run.

    Creating value may bring you success.

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    I have the same opinion as Alexa (great post by the way), you should not post such product in Clickbank, because you can make a few sales, if any at all, but this will decrease your reputation, for sure. Try to create something which is easy and actionable, but unique and valuable. Yes, it is possible to make only few sales, but this is going to be your starting point. Learn from your mistakes and after that create another product which is better than the previous, implement all lessons which you have learnt during your first launch, and make the second launch bigger success.
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    Dont think that would work. If you can contact the PLR article provider and ask whether the permission is included with reselling rights.
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