Transferring Ownership of Domain

by LarryC
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Does anyone know how to transfer a domain from one owner to another within Moniker? I tried Googling this and asking for support at Moniker, but no luck so far.

I recently sold a domain on Flippa, something I've only done once or twice before. I thought it would be a fairly straightforward process but as it turns out I'm stuck on the technical details. The domain was registered with Moniker. The buyer also registered an account there to make the transfer easier, but there are no instructions that I could find on how to do this.

I got as far as unlocking the domain and asking for an authorization code, which Moniker sent me. But I don't see any boxes to check for transferring ownership. I sent a support request to Moniker but got no reply.

I'd be grateful if anyone could explain this process.
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