$61.50 for affiliate work...not a big deal, right?

by gjabiz
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Rec'd 61.50 over the weekend as payment for an affiliate program. Nothing great about that.

Do consider this was payment for something I did 15 years ago, and these small little trickles keep pouring into my accounts week after week, year after year.

When you see the big picture, it gets more interesting. Sometimes many of you are getting focused on how much can you make today, which is your current concern, but, if you were to change your thinking to:

How much can I make over the next decade, using my efforts today to create residual and ongoing and passive income...

well, I think you might be surprised. A little 60 bux here, 150 from clickbank, 125 from Amazon, another 30 or 40 from this guy, that girl.

And, it may not lead you to IM guru status, but, it sure beats working for a living. Ya know?

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