Wanted to sell adult products any scope for that ?

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I need your suggestion about selling adult products affiliate with amazon, I can manage some adult traffic, but can any one tell me any idea how much and how fast I can get sales for that.. any idea..

*How to get those traffic that will actually buy the products?
*If I buy traffic from any wen site do I get any response on that as well or waste of money ?

waiting for your suggestion and tips.
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    It sounds like you need to do more personal research on this market. I'm not sure if top experts in your field could answer such vague, general and personal questions for you.

    • How much and how fast can you get sales?
    • How to get traffic that will actually buy the products?
    • If you buy traffic will you get response or waste your money?
    You'll get a two word answer with those questions ... 'It Depends'!
    The best anyone can do is throw a few suggestions at you. But you'll have to ask more specific questions (based on more research) to get a more specific answer.

    Right now you're just asking a general question - so the best you'll get is a general answer .... at best.
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    Everything is relative, no one can guess how quick and how much money you will make. It all depends on a series of external factors that you cannot control, unfortunately. About buying traffic, if its about real customers that are pushed towards your site, it will be ok, but if this traffic is made by bots you can imagine that they won't buy the products. You can get traffic if your business is well advertised, is visible online, is ranked high on search engines etc.
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