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I want to create a simple website with tons of laser-targeted pages.
I've learned that I can do this with the purchase of a directory.
However, my question, exactly, would directories help create a site (for me) with pages that are duplicated all over the internet?

Are the "pages" actually "backlinks"?????

I'm missing something.....can you help explain that for me?
Thank you.
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    You're missing a whole lot more than something. How is a page laser-targeted? What is it targeted to? What is this dierctory you are purchasing? Never heard of it.

    A page on your website is a page on your website. The "backlinks" you are referring to are SEO jive for links from other websites that point back to your website.

    You've got a lot to learn. And I would stay far away from wherever you've gotten this bit of information. Find a better source.
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    See above.

    What I would do is outline what you are intending to do (if you're comfortable doing so) and we'll certainly help with advice.

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    Dont go for directories. Build unique content which converts well. A directory will not have enough content or information.
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    Originally Posted by Gdiddy View Post

    I want to create a simple website with tons of laser-targeted pages. I've learned that I can do this with the purchase of a directory.


    If you plan to make money from your web site, first you should ask yourself "How am I going to monetize this directory?" "Why is someone going to pay me money to be listed on my site?"

    I think typically the answer is going to be related to the directory giving exposure to those listed in it. It means branding, leads, and hopefully referrals coming from the directory. In order to provide those things you need lots of traffic to your site.

    So you might consider your ability to drive traffic cheaply (or freely) before deciding on a platform for a directory.

    I owned a business directory for awhile and I can tell you that it was a lot of work, constant attention to keep spammers out, and it didn't pay me much when my time was considered. Others may have had a different experience . . . but that was mine.

    Getting backlinks by the thousands are a waste of time. They aren't relevant because the sites they come from are not important. You would be much better off focusing on getting a dozen authority site backlinks in your niche. It will help you much more, IMO.


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      Maybe it's just me, but I read it differently.

      It sounds like he wants to create an article dump like the thousands of Pligg directories out there.

      The advice given still applies, though. 99.9% of these spamfests haven't been seen by human eyeballs since they were created, and almost none have been seen by spiders more than once.

      Bad investment and horrible waste of time...
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    Directories are becoming a bit old school. Plus to get in any of the good ones, it'll cost you a pretty penny. Plenty of other ways.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond and for your sound advice.
    Have a nice night.
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