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Hello, I have been working on my first niche website project.I have never done anything like this before. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if it is worth anything as of this point. I have written a couple articles on it as well as all of the other writing on the website. I also bought all of the pictures. It has no traffic yet and it isn't finished yet. What is it worth now? What could it be worth later? Thank you

My website is:
20 Minute Workout Zone

One article that I wrote is:
20 Minute Bodyweight Arm Workout for Beginners | 20 Minute Workout Zone
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    For the moment is a bit thin on the content but the niche that you chose is really promising. Although on the web are tons of sites similar to yours you could make it through by posting unique content and choosing the right keywords. Make a little bit of research and see what other similar sites are writing, what is their approach, what they lack and try to compensate on your site. Don't choose the most competitive keyword but settle for one that is not yet so used. Also you could do some video tutorial with the exercises you describe, it would draw more visitors. Good luck!
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    Your niche definitely has a lot of promise. There's been a lot of buzz about shorter workouts in the fitness community lately. (Especially with stuff like the seven minute workout being launched.)

    At the moment I wouldn't say it's worth much. You've got the bare bones of something but without any traffic or content, based in a popular market. Once you've built up the content and traffic I think it could be worth quite a bit. Just look at Nerd Fitness - it's currently a six figure business.

    Just a note: For a fitness site, the colour scheme is way too neutral. Most fitness sites use bright colours and dynamic elements for a reason - you want people looking at the site to feel energised and lively. It'll make visitors feel energised and more likely to react positively to what you're offering. I'd really, really recommend changing your current layout.

    I'd also remove the 'eBooks' page until you have books available to populate it.

    PS. You've got a typo in your navigation bar - 'Recipies' instead of 'Recipes'.
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      Just a small comment regarding the watch in the logo - it does not look like 20 minutes, more like 15.
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    Yeah, you should pimp up your page a bit, more content, more colours, more everything. As Triplescan said, the niche is promising, you'll just have to put a lot of work in it .
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