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Are there companies that hire article writers and pay them per article, etc? Not freelancing on sites like guru(dotcom) that's difficult. I heard Associate Content works something like that (although it's now offline).

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    You can go with iwriter or hirewriters both are good option.
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    Try Epic Write. It is a cool place to be when you are a writer. Hope it helps.
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    Also Listiller.com - you can claim some small paid titles (like TextBroker) here and there.
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    As you will work as a virtual worker, you should use any freelancing market as a first time. Then you can aloof yourself when you have enough client. there are so many freelancing market, you can choose the best one from them. on the other hand, if you really dislike the freelancing market, you can knock any article site's contact page. I hope it will be helpful for your expectation.
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    thanks all
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    fiverr is best you write 300-500 words article in $5 i think that's best, i also hire a lot of writers there and they are good.
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    Just made $2.45 from iwriter lol had to share. Wrote article yesterday but they have too few jobs to do...
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    you can register at freelancer and put up a profile and start writing articles..
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    Try bloggingpro.com, in the Job Board section. Also, frinedlywriters.com could be a good idea. There also exist several Facebook groups for content writers.
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    You can go with Odesk if you need a writing job. Many people are hiring there for writers.

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    Here's a thread you might find helpful:
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    thanks, hope I find something good!!
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