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Hey guys,

I started using Facebook Ads to promote an offer in the IM arena and I am not seeing very much success.My daily budget is small at the moment as I plan on scaling up once I hit on an ad that begins converting. I'm not exactly sure what the expected conversion rates are from FB advertising (Of course there are numerous variables), but I'm thinking my conversions should be a bit higher.

If anyone with FB advertising experience could be so kind as to take a quick glance at my ad copy and image and perhaps provide a little feedback, I'd be extremely appreciative. I'm not sure if it's my image, copy, targeting,etc. I am happy to shoot the details over via email.

Thanks so much!

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    What are your current conversations? How long have you been doing it for? Have you seen any return on your initial investment?
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    This should be posted in the Social Media section. And, will likely be moved...

    If you're not getting clicks, its either your creative, copy or targeting.
    If you're getting clicks but no conversions, it's not your creative nor targeting.

    There are too many variables to know. It could be the targeting, the image, the headline, the call to action, the landing page copy, landing page headline, landing page call to action, bad offer, a disconnect between the ad and the landing page.

    Is it a new landing page or an old landing page? What are your typical conversions from cold traffic?

    If you know that, you can work backwards to figure out where the problem is.
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      Thank you for the feedback. I will move the post.
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